AI-Personalized Sales Videos for

Recruiters and Sales Teams

Automate your

cold-video outreach.

Dopplio lets you personalize a video’s spoken words and backgrounds infinitely using AI, so you can reach more prospects with less effort.

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Quality and quantity.

Book more calls

Personalized video experiences a much higher response rate compared to text outreach.

Best foot forward

No more "end of day" fatigue from recording endless videos -- clients only see the best take.


Once setup, you can delegate the creation of videos to others -- saving your camera-facing star's energy for other things.

Save hours per day

Say goodbye to redos from mistakes or forgotten words. With your team generating videos, you save hours of work per day.

How It Works

1. Record your base video

This will act as the base video for your template

2. Specify background images

Show LinkedIn profiles,  your company page, etc.

3. Type in your desired greeting

E.g. “Hi {Name}” — this will be said in your voice using AI

4. Dopplio generates personalized videos for you

Using the template, specified backgrounds, and AI, Dopplio will generate personalized videos that will make prospects smile!

Actual responses from prospects who received Dopplio videos

What clients are saying

Having Dopplio in 2023 is like having email automation in the 80s — a distinct advantage

Lachlan T.


A necessity in the modern era of sales. Simply brilliant!

Michael D.


Dopplio has been a fundamental part of our business development strategy for a while now, generating almost $500k in revenue for us! A true life-saver!

Emma M.

Head of Recruiting

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