Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General FAQs

Q: What exactly is Dopplio?

Dopplio makes it extremely easy to insert new backgrounds and audio clips into existing videos, so you don’t have to record a new video for each prospect — saving you time and energy.

Just record a single video of a pitch to a prospect, e.g:

Base Video – “Hey Penelope”

and use Dopplio to personalize it for prospects going forward, without having to re-record the entire video:

Generated Video Example 1 – Marc (new audio name, 3 x new backgrounds)

Q: Why is this useful?

Personalized video outreach results in really high response rates — but spending 5 minutes recording a video for each prospect can be draining, taking hours a day to do 20-30 videos.

Once you have a Dopplio template you:

1. Avoid Repeated Work — you never have to do an entire pitch again (meaning you avoid lighting setup, being camera ready, having a professional background, etc. — just take the screenshots and record the names)

2. Delegation* — you can delegate majority of the outreach to an employee or assistant — removing the need for the “camera-facing person” to do the creation work

3. Save Time — Once your library of names is built up, generation becomes quick and easy

4. Best Foot Forward — doing videos all day can be tiring, and it shows in videos made later in the day. Imagine if every single pitch was your best take

Ultimately, Dopplio saves you time and energy

* Personally, we find delegation to be the biggest value-driver of Dopplio. Personalized videos from you can now be sent out by your virtual assistant or employees, essentially “duplicating” yourself so you can focus on other revenue-generating activities

Q: How does this differ to other products?

Other products focus on:

1) Convenience at the sacrifice of quality

2) Making the video-creator really fast rather than removing them from the process

Whereas we focus on:

1) Quality over convenience — every lead/prospect is valuable, we’d rather give you more control for a higher-quality video

2) Delegation — we don’t want to just make you fast, we want to remove you from the process so you can really scale

Q: Does it work?

It does — and quite well! Dopplio was born out of a need in our own business, so we used an early prototype to generate a large amount of revenue for our business, while saving us weeks

Usage FAQs

Q: How does it work?

1. Record a base video

2. Create a template

    a. Select how many backgrounds you want and where you want them

    b. Select how many audio splices you want and where you want them

3. Get the screenshots and audio recordings for your prospect

4. Generate the personalized video using your template

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each prospect

Q: Isn’t that a lot of recording, clicking, and organizing?

In the beginning it can be a lot, but:

1. Once your template is made, you can delegate to an employee, something that can’t be done just recording videos

2. Once you have your library of names, the process gets much quicker as you don’t have to always record audio clips

3. Once your template is made, you only have to do the last two steps each time

Here’s an example of our names folder:

We plan to eventually manage the collection directly on Dopplio, but that will be in an upcoming release 🙂

Q: How precise do I have to be with audio splices?

Generally no more than tenth of a second (e.g. 1.5 seconds)

Audio splicing is surprisingly forgiving, as:

1) people aren’t looking closely

2) the video is small

3) everyone is used to lag/delays on the internet

We find it usually takes no more than 2-3 attempts to find the right spot for a splice.

Q: Can I do multiple audio splices per video?

Yes! There is currently no limit to the number of audio splices you can add to a video, just click ‘Add New Audio Splice’ when creating your template.

Q: Do I have to worry about volume or recording?

Dopplio handles normalization and the blending/fading of the audio for you, the most important thing is making sure your tone is correct and as close to the rest of the video as possible.

E.g. don’t have a flat greeting and a high-energy rest of video, or vice-versa.

Of course, having a significantly lower-quality microphone compared to an original video may cause some noticeable differences.

Q: Do I have to say “Hey” before each name? Can I only do names?

You can use whatever audio clip with whatever content you want! Names, locations, roles, different greetings, sky’s the limit

There is no AI (yet) or adjustment being done on location, it is purely based on where you specify audio splices to be.

The reason we add a “Hey” to each name instead of just saying the name and using the base video’s hey: it sounds more natural.

Otherwise we find there is a slight pause between the spliced audio and rest of clip, and “Hey… [pause] John” can sound robotic. So best practice, but not a requirement!

Q: Does Dopplio host the videos?

We intentionally do not host videos at this time, but rather provide a download for the user to then use with whatever hosting platform they desire (Loom, Vidyard, etc.)

The reason for this: we noticed other companies doing video generation hosted videos, but the hosting was low-quality and sometimes didn’t load at all. Since video hosting is a tough problem and entire domain on it’s own, we thought we’d leave that to the experts and focus on what we do best, while keeping costs down for our users.

Q: Does my screen resolution matter?

Any 1080p monitor or better will do, no need for anything ultra high-definition (like 4K or Retina).

However, you will want to make sure screenshots are taken at full 1080p width, not something less like partial or half-width

Q: What are generation credits?

One generation credit allows you to generate one video on Dopplio’s platform.

The reason: We know our customers’ time is valuable, and video processing is compute-intensive — so we often spin up new servers in order to keep processing times fast.

Q: What do I do if I run out of generation credits?

You can either upgrade to a higher plan, or contact us for a one-time purchase of refillable credits.

Q: How do teams work?

You can invite team members who can then use your generation credits to generate videos of their own. While team members may be restricted to certain plans down the road, for now we offer them on every plan.

Q: How should I record my videos?

While we’re working on in-browser recording, for now you can use Photobooth on Mac, the Camera app on Windows 10, or any other video recording tool like Loom/Vidyard.

Q: How should I record my audio?

Mac: Voice Memos works well

Windows: Voice/Sound Recorder


Again, any tool works as long as it outputs in a supported format (currently mp3, m4a, and wav)

Q: How should I take my screenshots?

As long as it’s wide enough and with enough height, our software will automatically calculate the correct ratio from the image. That’s why we highly recommend the Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension — and using it to take “full page” screenshots at full 1080p width, as it takes a very “long vertically” screenshot, which gives us plenty of room to play with

But you can use any image really, as long as it has the correct width and enough height to adjust

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