Start To Finish – Template Creation and Generation Walkthrough (Using Recorded Audio)

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Here we take you through an entire start-to-finish walkthrough of how to:

1. Create your first template

2. Generate your first video from that template

Table of Contents

1. Create Template

    – Record a base video

    – Select number and duration of Backgrounds

    – Select number and locations of Audio Splices

2. Acquire Template Inputs

    – Screenshots

    – Audio clips

3. Generate Video

4. Adjust/Tweak Template

5. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for each prospect

1) Create a Template

1. Record a Base Video

Using Photobooth (Mac) or Camera (Windows) or any other webcam recording tool, record a video you’d like to use as a template (usually a pitch to a prospect).

An example base video:

and select it as our Base Video

2. Select number and duration of backgrounds

First we need to figure out what “tabs” we want to simulate clicking on? E.g. if we wanted to:

    a) start on the prospect’s linkedin

    b) move to the prospect’s company page

    c) end on our company’s page

Then we would insert 3 backround images into our template by clicking the “Insert New Background Image” button

And determine how long we want each one to display

3. Select number and locations of audio splices

First we need to determine where we want to splice audio in. Usually this is:

– a name

– a company

But can also be:

– a personal greeting

– day of the week

We’ll just be doing a name in this example. So we’ll open our base video and figure out what the start and end time is of the name:

Looks like it’s about 0.5 to 1.5 seconds (best guess is fine — we will adjust later)

So we’ll add a new Audio Splice step and set the start and stop times:

Now we click ‘Save Template’ and our template is complete! Next up, finding the prospect-specific inputs

2) Acquire Template Inputs

Two things we need: 3 x background images and 1 x audio clips

For background images:

– go to the website

– take a full-page screenshot using a tool like Awesome Screenshot

– repeat for every background image we need

For audio splices:

Open a voice recording app and record the audio we’d like to insert

Now we have all the files we need to generate a video for our prospect! 

3) Generate Our Video

With all our files handy, we now go to our template, start a new Generation, upload our files, and kick off video generation

Then we wait a few minutes while our video processes, eventually refreshing the Video page to see a Download link

We download our vid and see how we did

4) Adjustments

Usually our first attempt at generating is slightly off by a few tenths of a second somewhere. So we note down the differences, and go edit our template with the new values.

Then generate again, finally receiving our desired end result:

5) Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each prospect

Once we have our template built, for each prospect we only have to acquire template inputs and generate the video, no more adjustments needed.

Once we have the names recorded, this greatly cuts down the time needed to send a vid, and lets us delegate the task to a virtual assistant or employee if desired.

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