Add session cookies for logged-in screenshots via URL

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To enable Dopplio’s “Screenshots via URL” feature to seamlessly capture screenshots through URLs on your behalf, it requires access to your session cookies to appear “logged in”


What are session cookies?

When you log into a  social network account, a new cookie is created for that “session”, or period, in which you stay logged into your account. Once you log out or disconnect, the cookie expires. A new cookie will be created once you log in again.

Dopplio can use these cookies to essentially “log in” and take screenshots on your behalf.

Fear not — we don’t know your password or username, and these cookies reset whenever you manually log out of a website.


Getting Your Cookies


First, make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser.

Open a new tab and go to the website you want cookies for, in our example we’ll use

Right-click anywhere on the page and open “Inspect”:


Then go to the “Application” tab:


Click on “Cookies”, then the URL of the website you want (in our case: “”), and select the cookies required for your website.

For LinkedIn, we want:

  • the “li_at” cookie value
  • the “JSESSIONID” cookie value


Now we’ll paste these values into Dopplio -> Settings -> Domain Cookies under “” using the following semi-colon-separated format:


e.g it will look like this:




Then make sure to check “Enabled” to enable the cookie, then “Save” at the bottom!


Remember, using cookies comes with some risks, so we recommend using an alternate account if possible. If you’re having issues, check out this article to help troubleshoot.

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