Dopplio – Quick Overview

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To generate a video you need two things:

1) A Dopplio template

2) Desired screenshots for backgrounds

3) Dopplio AI Voice

Creating a Template

1. Upload Base Video (video that shows up in the bottom left corner of the final video)

2. Select how many background images you want to show up, and their durations

3. Select how many audio clips you want spliced in (e.g. for names), and their start and end times

4. Click ‘Save Template’

Select Screenshots

1. Take screenshots (using a tool like Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension) of the pages you want to show up in your video

2. Upload them on the Generation screen

Create an AI Voice

1. Go to “Create An AI Voice”

2. Upload a video or audio clip of yourself speaking that’s at least 1 minute long, click ‘Save’

3. Now you can use your cloned AI voice to generate videos!

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